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The only trade show in Central America that gather the complete supply chain of the apparel and textile industry, demonstrating their capabilities and competitive advantages, emphasizing on the regional trends of the industry and opening new business opportunities with regional partners. The CAFTA – DR region offers high quality garments, and raw materials duty free to the region.

On its 26th edition the show will showcase an overview of the industry’s best skills and dexterity resulting in a production of high value added garments. The visitor can appreciate how the supply chain consolidates in this part of the Hemisphere, and the specialty of each of the CAFTA-DR countries and the competitive advantages of producing here.

The dynamic and segmented Exhibition Floor with more than 180 booths and 150 linking companies of apparel factories, textile mills, trimmings, technology and machinery, footwear and accessories, and much more!

Our updating academic program with recognized international speakers with key information about actual changes in the industry, market trends, social responsibility, region capabilities and specific technical workshops for middle management starting from the use of technology, screen-printing, fitting, etc.

Our Matchmaking Meeting Program is the best platform to discuss profitable sourcing opportunities. The activity creates the link among fashion apparel manufacturers from the CAFTA-DR region and customers from different countries interested in placing orders here.

A pre-scheduled agenda will take place according to the participants’ profiles. Customers will be invited to stop by the meeting-center booths to discuss profitable sourcing opportunities with those companies that fit the profile.